Error when using "get person field"


I tried to get data of a custom person field via Pipedrive API v1 Reference but I always get the error message

“status”: false,
“error”: “Unknown method .”

I already tried it for different fields. I need to pull all options of a multi selection field. Any thoughts?

Could you share the exact request you’re making (with Body and without API token)?

Here is the field id: feab5894faec3399dc8a17da9673aee43b85d947
I added it in the URL but I still get the same error.

Thanks Lilli,

I see you’re entering the Field’s API Key, you need to add the Field ID.
If you use GET/personFields you’ll be able to retrieve the ID for all of the Person Fields.

Where do I find the field id?

Just use this endpoint and you’ll see the ID of all of your fields

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