Events are not getting delivered to our webhook

Our app installs the following webhook:{account_id}

No events have been delivered since yesterday. I suspect this might have been due to the downtime yesterday. But this is almost 16 hours of ban. No email was sent to us about this.

Can someone from the dev team please check?

Hi @Shubham_Jain,

I raised the issue with our engineering team. We’re investigating now and I will get back to you as soon as I hear something.

It’ll be great if you could check this soon. It’s been a while since events have been delivered. More than 30+ hours.

I figured out the issue. I wasn’t using an intermediate certificate alongside my original SSL cert. This is usually not a problem for new browser/apps, which is why there wasn’t any problem on my end. But I can guess the pipedrive system that deliver events might have an issue with this.

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Sorry that we weren’t able to solve it sooner from our end, but I’m happy to hear that you figured it out. I’ll let our engineers know what you discovered.