Example payload of OAuth failure

We have a success payload here which is great, but no failure https://pipedrive.readme.io/docs/marketplace-oauth-and-api-proxy-status-codes#section-oauth

I have found an example failure:

error: invalid_grant, 
message: Invalid grant: refresh token is invalid, 
success: false

Is this accurate for all failure responses, and has this previously been different?

Does anyone at Pipedrive monitor these forums?

Hey James,

I missed your question when it was posted earlier, sorry about that.

For clarity, are you saying on OAuth failures you receive no response at all?

Hi David,

What we’re seeing is that with oauth failures, we get a different response than we used to.
I just want to clarify what the fail response structure looks like because it is not documented anywhere.


Do you know in what way it has changed? As far as I know there hasn’t been changes in the response and the examples are on the page you’ve linked under the 400 status code.