Expected Close Date in integration

Hi All, I am using a third party product called Skyvia to get my pipedrive data from Pipedrive to azure. It works perfectly apart from the “Expected Close Date”. It comes out as 01/01/0001 when there is real actual dates in there. I wonder is there something different about the field in pipedrive compared to say “Close date” which comes through fine. Maybe it’s a skyvia problem rather than pipedrive.

Alternatively, am I able to create a calculated field in pipedrive - say - (Expected close date - close date). that, way I could export that and reverse engineer it.
Thanks in advance for any help - I really need this field and I’m stuck.


Hey Patrick,

I tried some different testing, but I’m not really sure why you’re receiving 01/01/0001 for Expected Close Date. One small difference between that field and many other date Fields is that Expected Close Date doesn’t add a time to the date, but I doubt that would cause the issue.

Do you see any problems with the Field when you check it on the Reference page, Postman, or something similar?

Hi David,
Thanks a million for answering. I checked the Reference page. I think it is something to do with the datetime vs date. There are two other fields this happens to - last activity and next activity and they are both dates as opposed to datetimes.
I suspect it is an issue with the integration package expecting a datetime then rather than anything to do with Pipedrive.
Is it possible to change the data type of that field in pipedrive or does that have large consequences?

Hey Patrick,

Yeah, unfortunately changing the type of Field here would indeed have very large consequences. It wouldn’t be impossible, but would be quite an undertaking. Just for starters, you would have to take into consideration all other integrations and companies that have it setup to use the Field as it is. They would all need to change this.

You could reach out to Skyvia to see if they possibly have a solution, but unfortunately I don’t.
Sorry I couldn’t help with this.

No problem David. Thanks for the comments. It’s a Skyvia issue I’d say.

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