Extracting number of activities (without details)

I tried and tested several API calls in Postman before trying to implement them in make.
One of them is “activities/summary”. In Postman this returns exactly what I need (number of activities in total). But the make module returns the error “403: Scope and URL mismatch”, as if this wasn’t available for this api despite working perfectly fine within Postman.
Is there a solution or a way around this issue in order to extract the needed information?
Doing this by getting all activities including details won’t work due to the number of entries.

I’m fairly new to the topic of APIs and started using Pipedrive only a few months ago, so please excuse if there is an obvious answer to this issue that I’m unaware of. Thanks a ton in advance for any advice!

Hi Alexander. For Make queries, I’d recommend posting in the Make Community.

If you could include screenshots of exactly what you’re doing in Postman as well as the parameters you’re using in Make, I’m certain that someone there can help!