Fail to load custom floating window

I am a building a extension for marketplace using custom floating window. When iframe is loaded it takes sometime and finally it fails.
I initialized plugin inside of iframe using the code given in the documentation (see below) and I can see that pipedrive receives init message and few seconds after saying that loading plugin failed.

        // I have to pass id manually 
        this._sdk = await new AppExtensionsSDK({identifier: 'hx6VqqeFQp'})
        this._sdk.initialize({ size: { height: 640, width: 360 } })
    // data received by pipedrive

Am I doing something wrong ?
Iframe is loading under 10s and I see no error raised not on pipedrive nor on my side

Hi @Camille_Hayot,

Welcome to our Developer Community! :wave:

I had one of our developers look into your issue, and here’s the feedback that they gave:

  • Could you double-check the identifier that you are providing, please?
  • From the example you’ve provided, it looks like a static identifier with initialization is given. However, every time we load a custom UI extension (e.g., panel, modal, floating window), we generate a unique ID.
  • Timeouts happen if the floating window doesn’t get initialized in 10 seconds or it gets initialized with the wrong identifier.

I hope this helps? :pray: Please let me know if you have further questions. Feel free to DM me as well.

Hi Nicole,

thanks for your response !
About the identifier it from the query params of the iframe URL but did not pay attention that it was changing… The issue is that app is doing redirections before arriving to this code so query params are no more available at this point.

Thank you for your help!

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