Feature Request: Filtering out sending bulk update and/or import webhooks on your end

Are there any plans to be able to filter out webhook requests on Pipedrive’s end before they are actually sent? Perhaps based on the change_source field or similar?

Right now, users have to filter out on their end, based on these fields most of the time:

  • change_source (e.g. to ignore API calls)
  • meta.is_bulk_update (e.g. to ignore mass updates)
  • meta.pipedrive_service_name (e.g. to ignore imports)

Currently, most users of the webhooks have to check the above fields and return immediately, but that still causes a lot of unneccesary requests for use-cases that do not want to react to everything. The same applies to webhooks where change_source is the api, which causes a feedback cycle unless handled. Save us all some runtime, and allow us to filter it!

I second this feature.

Kund regards

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Thanks for the feedback @Gabriel_Ramos ! Please do vote by clicking on the Vote button next to the topic heading :slight_smile: