Fetching documents on sale via the api


I was wondering if it was possible to fetch documents and templates that are mad from the documents tab.

I’m currently only fetching the files on the deal, but it would also be good if you could somehow get the documents from the document tab.

Is this possible yet?

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Hi Vidar,

Are you trying to just do this through the UI? If so, you’ll only see the specific loaded documents pertaining to the area they’re uploaded in, but you could also use something like Google Drive for maybe an easier storage and retrieval system?


In the Pipedrive UI, I just create the templates and documents but I also want to be able to fetch them via the API. Is there an endpoint for retrieving these documents like there is with files?

So documents I’ve created in Pipedrive I want to display in my application.

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Just to short it down.
I want via the api get fetch documents, templates on a deal created in pipedrive.

Is this possible?

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I would also like to know if there is a public API for fetching created documents.
Does anyone know if or when it might be available?

@Hem Can you help us? I need that too.

We also need that. We need to get a Docsign document via api