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Hello, I am developing an application, and I have a structure that displays a JSON Modal. Based on my chosen list, I want to display a field. However, the issue is that I want to return an element based on the chosen element in the list using equals
But equals only returns a string of characters? I tried to do this, but I get an error with equals:
"block_key_phone" => [ "visibleOn" => [ "block_key_process" => [ "equals" => array_map(function ($template) { return [ "label" => $template->collect_phone, "value" => $template->id ]; }, $templates) ] ], "value" => "" ],
Is it correct? I would like to return an element from an array.

Hello @Romain,

You are right, equals expects to receive only a string. If you want to display block_key_phone block only on a specific value on block_key_process change, then there is an option to use fetchOnChange Component library.
I.e. when the value of block_key_process is changed, there will be a request made to your endpoint, where you can return visibleOn: “never“ for block_key_phone in case it’s not needed to be displayed.
Let me know if that works for you and don’t hesitate to ask any following questions.

Best regards,

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