Field List Including Custom Fields

I am new to this group. I have a website and using PHP I need to pull deal info from Pipedrive. I can get the basics, but all I’m looking for is a way to get a list of field names, including custom fields we’ve added. Any thoughts on how to get that? Pipedrive support can’t help… :frowning:



Hey @warrenfuelforce
Welcome to the community :wave:
Are you looking for the DealFields endpoint? Here’s a link to the request

You can also generate runtime specific code snippet like below :slight_smile:

I’ve looked through this in detail. I can’t view this in Postman, auth error or something, even when providing my API token. I also don’t see a basic list of variable/field names… What am I missing here?

Can you share the screenshot for reference @warrenfuelforce to understand this in detail? Please hide API Keys if its in the screenshot

Here you go. Says to fork the collection to my workspace. Don’t really know what that means or how to do it.

Hey @warrenfuelforce
Sorry that I didn’t mention that before. Forking the collection would create a personal copy for you to work on :slight_smile: You can then edit the request parameters and other relevant fields. Basically a personal copy for you.

You can always pull changes to your copy and stay informed when there are updates to the Pipedrive API (say a new endpoint / resource was added)