Files endpoint pagination not working as expected

Hi, I have found an issue with “/files” API endpoint. Looks like pagination is broken. More precisely, what I observed is that when you reach the last page, it doesn’t return any data although the data is for sure there. For example we have around 380-390 files… but when I query with start=300 and limit=100 i get no data (instead of ±80 results)… similarly when I query with start=0 and limit=500 I get no data, although I should be getting the ±380 results… Tried via python script as well as in Postman… neither is working as it should.
Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

I should mention that paging by 1 file at a time would probably work but I don’t even want to go that way :slight_smile:

Hi @Vojtech_Pasler :wave:

I have DM-d you for additional information to look into this :slight_smile: