Filtering deals by a narrow state_change_time datetime range


I’m using Pipedrive API and trying to create a deal filter to get deals that spent some time on the latest stage.

{“glue”: “and”, “conditions”: [{“glue”: “and”, “conditions”: [{“object”: “deal”, “field_id”: 12464, “operator”: “>=”, “value”: “2019-07-08 11:55:46”}, {“object”: “deal”, “field_id”: 12464, “operator”: “<”, “value”: “2019-07-08 16:55:46”}]}, {“glue”: “or”, “conditions”: []}]}’

Field 12464 is “stage_change_time” field.

However, this filter does not return any results even though there are deals that were moved to the latest stage on 2019-07-08 between 11:55 and 16:55.

Hi @aemdy,

I’m afraid that “stage_change_time” is not an accepted field for filtering.

You can see the filtering options here:!/Filters/get_filters_helpers