Find deals by custom fields


My users have created some custom fields, and I need to bring back all deals based on the values in those fields. For example, for the field below that begins with e4c05… I need to bring back all deals where the value is 159. I’ve looked at the Pipedrive examples, but I haven’t seen anything that looks like it does this. Is this possible? If not, what is a good workaround?


Hi James. You can create a new filter in Pipedrive frontend interface with the custom fields/values combination that you need for exporting. Then using the Get All Deals API endpoint with a filter_id provided matching the filter id # you created, you can export the deals matching these custom fields/values – Pipedrive API v1 Reference

And if you need to dynamically update the filter to get different custom field/value combinations, can use this endpoint – Pipedrive API v1 Reference

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