Find Person returning incorrect matches

We are using the Node Pipedrive to generate Deals and add Persons (if necessary) when a new enquiry comes in to our platform. Since Tuesday, we’ve noticed that the Persons that are attached are completely different to the ones we’ve been searching for - we’ve been using the!/Persons/get_persons_find endpoint, passing in their email address as the term and search_by_email. The results are often seem to match parts of their email address, as vague as having the same domain name or first part of their email address. Is there any way to explicitly only find Persons who have a direct match to the email address passed through?

This is a mistake on our side. We will fix it soon and communicate it.

Hi dani,

Has this issue been fixed?

Hi @declanramsay,

It should be resolved, are you experiencing something similar?

We had to change our implementation at the time to avoid this bug, but never got any communication that it had been resolved as dani said you would.