First Name and Last Name get swapped

Current situation:

  • Leadforms are used to gather customer data.
  • Chatbots are used to gather customer data.
  • Multiple Webhooks are used to get data on change (updated.person, added.note, added.person)
  • PipedriveApi is used to getPersons() and getDetailsOfAPerson($id) and getAllPersonFields()
  • PipedriveApi is not used to do any write operations

For some contacts, the first_name and last_name get swapped. By checking the changelog of a person, I see an entry that show this change, e.g:

Name: John Doe → Doe John
yesterday, at 4:35 pm · Max (API)

Is there any way to get information about who or what causes these changes?

Solved :partying_face:

Pipedrive didn’t cause this, but a thirdparty-app thats using the pipedrive-api.

I would like to propose to pipedrive, that installable third-party apps use a dedicated api key (maybe one, that get automatically generated on install?).
In general, it would be nice to be able to create multiple api-keys to separate access and traffic of the api.

In this case, it was misleading, especially for my customer, because pipedrive lists the changes made to a contact in the “Changelog”-View. Changes made by the third-party app are marked like this: “John Doe (API)”. Which makes it impossible to distinguish what particular tool made the change.

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