First names last names muck up: bug or feature in Pipedrive?

I have a strange issue I’ve seen with clients and also just tested out now.

I notice if I create a person from the PD UI with the name “First Last” it splits it into first_name: First, last_name: Last

But if I do this “first Last” it puts it in the last_name and the first_name is null.

Obviously customer data isn’t always going to be properly capitalized. Is this a bug or a feature? I’ve written a patch in my integration to split them equally if this happens because it’s a real pain and people don’t understand why they’re seeing blank first names and populated last names with the full name.

Hey Clinton,

Thanks for pointing this out, I’m taking a look into why this is.

Clinton, it seems this is on purpose according to our database logic.

If only 1 word is added as name (lower or uppercase) then it is first_name, but if’s “john Smith” (like your example) it will go under only ‘last_name’.

Might make sense server side but it’s kind of confusing from a user-end perspective not so much. Anyways, we have a patch in our integration to split them.

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