Fix Pipedream Workflow - Pipedrive Integration

Hi there,

I would please like some help with a Pipedream - Pipedrive integration.

The specific step “new_deal” in my Pipedream workflow seems to be encountering an internal server error, as indicated by the response status code “500” and the accompanying error message “Internal Server Error occurred. Pipedrive staff was notified about this.”

The workflow involves creating a new deal in Pipedrive, and there is a JSON payload included in the request data that contains various fields such as title, custom fields, property information, and comments. However, due to the internal server error, the deal creation process fails.

Hi @Josh_Rapley ,

I can help you with Pipedrive Integration.
Lets connect over Skype: live:.cid.d88520883fd2e0d1 so that we can have detailed discussion.


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I’ve contacted you on Skype, thanks.

Hello @Josh_Rapley

Please connect with me on Skype to discuss it further.

Skype:- live:.cid.baff7c7dd9471b54

Many Thanks!
Trish C.

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Hi Josh,
I can get it fixed quick.
Let me know If you are still hiring



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