Followers cannot view Deal created with API

Hi All, I have been working with the Pipedrive API for many years and have integrated many of my workflows to make things easier.

I have recently written an integration using PHP & cURL to create a new deal in a specific pipe at a specific stage. This works 100%. I then add followers, this too works 100%.

The deal is set to visible_to entire company (3).

The followers of the deal cannot see it at all. Despite them being listed as followers.

Is there a parameter that I might be missing when I create the deal that allows the followers to view / edit the deal?

Edit: On further inspection this seems to be a more widespread issue. On deals created through the web interface and via the API. I am getting the same result, followers of all deals cannot see them on their accounts. Only the owner of the deal can see them in the interface. I have checked permissions and they all seem correct to me, any ideas?

Hi @nicvon,

Apologies for the late reply.

With regards to the visible_to parameter for the “Add a deal” endpoint (POST /v1/deals), there have been a few changes.

Depending on the plan that you are on, the possible values are:

Essential / Advanced plan:

  • 1 (Owner & followers)
  • 3 (Entire company)

Professional / Enterprise plan:

  • 1 (Owner & followers)
  • 3 (Owners visibility group)
  • 5 (Owners visibility group and below)
  • 7 (Entire company)

Within the web interface, these visibility groups are available in Settings > Company > Manage users > Visbililty groups.

I hope this helps? Please do let me know if you have further questions.

We’re in the midst of documenting these changes as we have some, so we do apologise for any inconveniences caused.

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Hi @Nicole_Tan

Thank you for your feedback and info on the new status’s for visable_to. It seems the problem was intermittent and all is back to normal now without any changes on my side. Very odd!

But all good now, thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @nicvon,

Maybe the systems knew I was replying to you and decided to make it work? :grin: (Jokes, jokes. I wish I had such power).

I’m glad to hear all is good now! If something happens again, perhaps this can be something to check on.
All the best!