For Single Option Dropdown getting integer value in payload

I have integrated surveysparrow with Pipedrive.

Created a custom field of type single option dropdown and added a few text options like (‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’) in Pipedrive.

Now in surveysparrow, I am setting conditions to trigger the survey, I have selected the single option dropdown such as - if ‘single option dropdown’ is ‘a’ (string) then trigger.
What I found is, in the payload, I am receiving has an integer value which then tries to compare with ‘a’ and end up with condition not meet.

Why am I receiving an integer value instead of the option text itself?

Hi @ritesh
Welcome to the community :wave: The responses sent via the API contain the ID of the options and not the string themselves. You must formulate the condition by checking this ID, not the value. You can obtain this mapping via the respective Fields/ endpoints

More info : Updating custom fields' values
Developer's FAQ on custom fields