Form integration for WP

Hi, I need to integrate forms on my WP site to Pipedrive but the Web Forms don;t allow for customization of design. I would like to maintain the look of my forms as they are. I have read many posts regarding developing with the Pipedrive API but I would like to some already built integration. I have seen that there are plugins available to integrate with WPForms, Gravity Forms and CF7. I would like to know if anyone has used these, if there are other options, and specially about the CF7 since the plugin doensn’t seem to be updated anymore or even available via the WP plugin search. Thanks!


You can use a ready-made solution - Contact Form 7 - Pipedrive CRM - Integration

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There are also a few more solutions, depending on the form plugin you use.

WPForms - Pipedrive CRM - Integration

Elementor Pro Form Widget - Pipedrive CRM - Integration

Ninja Forms - Pipedrive CRM - Integration

Gravity Forms - Pipedrive CRM - Integration

We at Outfunnel specialize in Pipedrive integrations — and have built the following form integrations: Pipedrive-Elementor, Pipedrive-Wix Forms and Pipedrive-Contact Form 7. Next month, we’re also launching Pipedrive-WPForms and Pipedrive-Gravity forms integrations.