Geocoding: How to identify if an address was successfully geocoded


I am pulling deal data from Pipedrive via the REST API. Among other things, I pull a custom address field. This custom address field may sometimes not be geocoded.

I need to report which deals do not have properly geocoded addresses in this custom field. Is this at all possible?


PS: I understand we may be able to use a workaround by checking for the individual fields within the address (postal code etc.), but they may occassionally be null despite proper geocoding, so this would be an imperfect workaround

Hey @bijansoltani the workaround you mention is indeed the best way, some address sub-fields will always be populated if geocoding has been successful for this record, you can use the latitude or longitude, or the formatted_address, these will be populated if record is geocoded.

You can also do it in list view like this:

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the reply!

Do you know if latitude and longitude is given in the API Call? I cannot seem to find it right away.

I find that the formatted_address is sometimes populated even though the address is not geocoded.