Geocoding: Turn it off?


Geocoding again: Is it possible to turn it off? To fill the individual address fields (zip, country, street, …) individually?

Background: We are suffering from failed geocoding. Worse than instances where it simply fails to identify the location are instances where geocoding delivers false data. If a pipedrive admin looks at a case from my company, evergreen energy, check out deal 3000. We give the house number in the address field, but it fails to load the house number into the postal_address_street_no field because Google Maps has not updated their maps for that particular area of Germany (check Bing for reference: they are up to date). It follows that the pipedrive overview shows the street number but the background ETL processes do not.

Solution: Can we turn off geocoding and use the address field in a more traditional way where we simply enter the street, house no, city etc? Or is there another solution available?


Hey Bijan,

No way to turn off geocoding for Address-type fields unfortunately, but as a workaround you could just try creating custom Text Fields to manually fill them out? Not sure if that will work for you.

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Hey David,

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I was thinking about the same as a last resort.

For what it’s worth: I do like the geocoding feature; it’s just not foolproof enough for automated operations.


Yeah, I can definitely understand. I’ve ran into some issues myself where the geocoding from Google Maps doesn’t fill it out correctly.