Get all deals - API in Python


I have done a python script to run inside a AWS Glue Job.
However, I’m only being able to access the first 100 deals(the page limit isn’t 500 deals)?
I’m using Python 3 and Pipedrive library in python, here’s my code:

import boto3
import requests
import json

def import_pipedrive():
from pipedrive.client import Client
client = Client(domain=‘MY COMPANY DOMAIN’)
client.set_api_token(‘MY TOKEN’)
response =
data = response
return data

data_pipe = json.dumps(import_pipedrive(), skipkeys = True, allow_nan = True)

def export_aws_s3():
s3 = boto3.resource(
client = boto3.client(‘s3’)
client.put_object(Body=data_pipe, Bucket=‘MY_S3_BUCKET_NAME’, Key=‘pipedrive_py_import_3.json’)

It may be a limit on your account, could try adding the limit=500 parameter to the request?

Yes, that works, however, now I have a 500 items limit