Get all deals by filter

Hi everyone, i´ve been tryinng to download all my deals from the filter 75 with python, but i only can get 100 rows, and the file with that filter has a lot more row. Why is it downloalding only 100 rows and not the total´s row, can anyone help to understand what im doing wrong ?, here is my code in python:

import pandas as pd
from pipedrive.client import Client

client = Client(domain=‘’)

response =‘75’)
data = response[‘data’]

df = pd.json_normalize(data)


thanks you all

Hey, @alexis_gonzalez and welcome to the community! :wave:

The GET /deals endpoint has offset-based pagination, with the default (when not specifying the limit field) being a 100 entries returned at once. You should use the start and limit parameters to paginate through the items. Here’s our documentation and a tutorial on using pagination.