"Get all persons" endpoint "picture_id" value


Your API documentation states that querying persons from Pipedrive API v1 Reference endpoint returns a “picture_id” object for each person. I seem to get just an integer value as “picture_id” and therefore get a serialization error in my C# application.

Can You please explain how this can happen and what can I do to fix it?

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Hi @kardoaw :wave:,
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I quickly tried a basic call to https://{COMPANY_NAME}.pipedrive.com/api/v1/persons via Pipedrive official postman collection.

The data returned seems to be an object as expected.

"picture_id": {
    "item_type": "person",
    "item_id": 3,
    "active_flag": true,
    "add_time": "2019-01-10 11:49:08",
    "update_time": "0000-00-00 00:00:00",
    "added_by_user_id": 2535662,
    "pictures": {
        "128": "https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/ce8b6960cd725c8926299ab69244d19d?s=128&d=404&r=g",
        "512": "https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/ce8b6960cd725c8926299ab69244d19d?s=512&d=404&r=g"
    "value": 1

Would you share the bad response along with the x-correlation-id header value for further investigation, please?


Yes. The response is usually as described, but I have one person who somehow has picture_id of 9. I can’t share the response publicly, but this person has id of 1163142 and x-correlation-id of the response containing the person is a9c93ce5-5ed7-41eb-84b5-10727a4cff22.

Hey @kardoaw,

the reason is that while calling the api/v1/persons, an additional strict_mode query parameter can be added.

The strict_mode=true query param returns picture_id as an integer ID. Otherwise, it is an object as described.

Thanks for the information.

I tried a few cases:

  1. When I did not provide strict_mode or set it to false, I got a response where one person had picture_id as an object and another had picture_id as an integer.
  2. When I provided strict_mode=true, I got a response where both had picture_id as an integer.

Is this correct? Can I somehow ensure that picture_id is always an object?

In this case, can I ask you to reach out directly to support at this particular case?

It might need a further investigation.

Thank you.

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