Get all products for each deal in 'get all deals' rest endpoint

Is there any way I can get product ids with the ‘deals’ endpoint all together? I am aware of the fact that, as per current implementation, I need to get all the deals and then will have to call ‘deals/{id}/products’ endpoint to get all the products for that specific deal.
but, this will result in lot of unnecessary request to API if I have lot of deals in my account.
Any help will be appreciated.

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I also like to see this feature implemented, this would be great because we make heavy use of products.

Any response in if this is considered or a ETA would be great.

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Hey guys, definitely something being considered, but unfortunately I don’t really have an ETA on it. The eventual plan is to redo the Products section all-together, which would then, of course, take this into account when doing so.

I had this need, and I solved this problem using the Python language using Pipedrive’s API. Here’s an example:

from pipedrive.client import Client
client = Client (api_base_url = ‘https: //’)
client.set_token (‘your_token’)
deals_id = range (here you put a range of deal that you want)
deal_products = [client.get_deal_products (deal_id = item) [‘data’] for item in deals_id]