Get deal time of each stage

Hi all,

I would like to get no. of days in each stage of deals in a pipeline as a picture below. Which endpoint do I have to use? and how can I use it?

Thank you very much in advance!

You can’t get specifically the number of days (without calculating), but you can the seconds that a Deal has been in each stage.
Just use:!/Deals/get_deals_id

In the Body you should find something like this:

“stay_in_pipeline_stages”: {
“times_in_stages”: {
“14”: 9524556,
“15”: 0,
“40”: 0,
“41”: 9405958

Hi David, I try to use your API call but get an error.
Probably I am missing something. Let’s say my deal id is 31.
So what is the exact API call should be?!/Deals/31!/Deals/get_deals_id/31
Please help

Hi @Michael_Shparber

This one Pipedrive API v1 Reference should cover this case.