Get deals by applying stage_id and person_id filter


I want to create a deal for person on specific stage. But before that I want to check if it exists or not. But there is no API available which I can use to get deal for person (person_id) on specific stage (stage_id).

Please note, I can fetch all deals of the person and filter out with stage_id on my system but that’s not an optimal solution. Can you please suggest any other option that I might use?


Hello, @pratik_shah and welcome to the community! :wave:

Fetching all the deals associated with a person, limited by the stage_id of the deals sounds like a good case that can be solved by filters.

You can create a new filter with type = deals and the conditions object specifying that the deal’s stage needs to be X. Here is the documentation for our Filters API and adding a filter.

After the filter has been created, the GET /persons endpoint results can be filtered by supplying the filter_id.


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