Get detalis of a deal

I’ve called the Get Details of a deal. In the response, I’m not seeing all of the fields in the specific deal I called. How do I get all of the details? Some of these are ones we created… is that a separate call?


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Hi @klarson

If you have custom fields for a Deal, then instead of same name, a field will be shown as a hash, for example 0ce3364c80892b3f2ea4961a2a187bbb7f1d9ae8. To get a real name for that field, make GET /dealFields request and use keys from the response to find a real name in a Deal details response.

Hope it helps

I use postman.

This appears to be the correct key: 29340ba4a25c78da02280b47923809f383ff9d5f

This is my result… Unknow method.

: symbol is used before the key starts. Could you remove it and try again?

I appreciate your help. Were getting closer.

I went into settings, deals and got the API key for a custom field.

made your adjustment: {{baseUrl}}/dealFields/=cfe7175286f922c033ce015338a0cdc8c6d44b3a

and got this:

“success”: false,
“error”: “Not Found”

I get the same with the other key i used from the example above…

line 89 in the screen shot…

Hi @klarson

Could you try withou = before key name starts? So the full url would look like this

with the “=” i get {“success”:false,“error”:“Not Found”}

without the “=” i get wrong method.

Hi @klarson

Sorry for the confusion.

GET /dealFields - returns Deal fields, including custom ones. Each entry there, has fields like id, key, name and more. Where key is something like this cfe7175286f922c033ce015338a0cdc8c6d44b3a for custom fields.

GET /dealFields/{id} - returns an information about one field by id. So, instead of using key in the URL, an id should be used instead, for example,

Back to your original question, to get a real name of the filed from deals response, you could use GET /dealFields (if you don’t know the id) or GET /dealFields/{id} (if you know an id already).

Hope it clarified things a bit.

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I was trying to use the key. using the ID works every time…

Thank you

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