GET list of key/values for custom fields

Hi, I’m looking to create an API script that can automatically pull our pipedrive database each day, and decode the custom fields. I was hoping to use the Domo/Pipedrive intregration, but custom fields appear as API keys and the data is encoded under each column of custom data (e.g. the option “Yes” might be ‘62’).

I’m thinking of starting by pulling the list of key/values for our custom fields (62 -> “Yes”;63 -> “No”…). I had a look through the API docs and couldn’t find anything on this topic. Any pointers about where to start?

Hey Scotty,
You should be to get these values from any of the GET requests on dealFields, personFields, etc
The example should be under options > id > label:

"options": [
          "id": 100,
          "label": "Red"
          "id": 101,
          "label": "Blue"
         "id": 102,
         "label": "Green"

Also, depending on exactly what you’re planning to do - it might be a good idea to look into Webhooks for pulling data.