Get number of emails sent

Hi there,
I didn’t find any topic on this. We are building a report and would like to include the number of emails sent from an account. It is present on Pipedrive’s dashboard, but I don’t find the endpoint for retrieving this.

Is there any? Thanks in advance

Hey @Alex_Rodriguez,

No, we don’t have any endpoints for emails sent (or most Reports endpoints).
It’s this way for a couple reasons

  1. Performance is an issue, company-statistics might not be able to take the additional load if we make endpoints public.
  2. We are building a new reports module (insights) so these endpoints will be deprecated in the future.

Thanks David! I have just managed to get the emails sent through the “mailbox/mailThreads?folder=sent” endpoint, but the numbers are different than the ones I see in the reports (I tried to group by message_count, but the results are still different)

If you recommend a way of doing it in another way, I’ll test it out. If not, this new Reports module will extend the current API or will be something completely different? May you share any ETA?


Yeah, that endpoint would give you slightly different results, but I believe it’s because it’s based off grouping each thread as 1 message sent (but I’m not 100%)

The new reports module will be a bit of an overhaul so it should be different, but there’s not many details to go public with yet. ETA would be somewhere in the vicinity of 4 to 6 months.

Thanks David, we will check that feature but for the time being, we will keep using the Mailthreads endpoint