GET people associated with a Organization

What is the endpoint to get the people/Id associated with an organization?

Once I have that, I can query “people” end points for what I need.

@klarson You can use OrganizationRelationships endpoint: Pipedrive API Reference

Thank you for responding.

When i use that endpoint, I get the “related organizations” in the JSON return.

For the organization I selected, there are 3 and I get 3 in the JSON return.

I’m looking for the people just under that…

For the organization I selected, there are 11 people.

I tried “Search Persons” and used that org id in the prams. I got “success” : true, but no ids, no additional data.

My apologies for the confusion. I believe that the persons organization is associated with their details. People can only be assigned to one organization so, if search is not working, you could use the “Get all persons” endpoint and then filter the array by org_id or org_name.