GET /permissionSets/{id} returns 403

I’m getting a 403 error when making the following request:

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer "$bearer ''

The error I get is:

  "success": false,
  "error": "Scope and URL mismatch",
  "errorCode": 403,
  "error_info": "Please check"

I’m make similar API requests that are working correctly. For example, all the of the following work correct:

curl ''$api_token
curl ''$api_token
curl -H "Authorization: Bearer "$bearer ''

As far as I can tell, this shows that I’m making the request in question correctly.

Could you kindly let me know if this is an error on my end or yours?

Here’s a gist with the verbose curl request.

Hi Kenton,

can you verify that you’ve requested a correct scope when requesting the oauth token? The endpoint GET /permissionSets requires the admin scope to be granted.

You can check more info in Scopes and permissions page.

Hope this helps,

Yes I have verified that I have the correct permissions.
Since requesting

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer "$bearer ''

works and requires the same permission.
Or perhaps there’s another way to verify. Please let me know if that’s not sufficient.

Hi! We have identified that it is indeed a problem on our side. The fix should be implemented during this week. I will notify in a separate message when it has been deployed.

Thank you for the report and helping us!

An unrelated suggestion: please consider moving away from using We return company domains in OAuth token responses that should be used instead. More information in the documentation.

api-proxy domain could be deprecated in the future, so if possible, migrate already now :slight_smile:

Thank you kindly for your help with this.

I’ll work at migrating away from api-proxy.

The fix should be now deployed. Please try and thanks again for letting us know!

This is working now on my end. Thank you kindly.