Get the activity of a user who is not the user associated with the API token

I have a situation where I have a token for an admin account. I’m able to create an activity for a different user just fine but I can’t seem to query for that activity either via getActivity or through the list activities API (even with setting userId: 0).

Is there something I’m missing here? Read through all the docs and it seems like it should be possible.

Hey @zkirby
Welcome to the community :slight_smile:
Can you share the payload associated with the activity creation?

Hey Hem!

Yes here’s the response I get back from creating the activity:

  due_date: 2023-05-11T00:00:00.000Z,
  due_time: '',
  duration: '',
  deal_id: null,
  lead_id: '',
  person_id: null,
  org_id: null,
  note: null,
  location: null,
  public_description: 'Dignissimos fugit quis consequuntur nemo aut optio. Voluptas corrupti quibusdam exercitationem ducimus ipsam saepe non labore. Molestias non nemo fugit libero et odit. Blanditiis enim deleniti rerum quidem nulla quo et voluptatibus aut. Corporis autem excepturi atque quae dolorem aut et laboriosam. Aperiam eius commodi.',
  id: '518',
  company_id: 11214962,
  user_id: 14708471,
  done: true,
  type: 'task',
  reference_type: null,
  reference_id: null,
  conference_meeting_client: null,
  conference_meeting_url: null,
  busy_flag: null,
  add_time: '2022-08-18 00:28:56',
  marked_as_done_time: '2022-08-18 00:28:56',
  last_notification_time: null,
  last_notification_user_id: null,
  notification_language_id: null,
  subject: 'Quia ex blanditiis et perferendis veniam.',
  calendar_sync_include_context: null,
  active_flag: true,
  update_time: '2022-08-18 00:28:56',
  update_user_id: null,
  source_timezone: null,
  rec_rule: null,
  rec_rule_extension: null,
  rec_master_activity_id: null,
  conference_meeting_id: null,
  original_start_time: null,
  created_by_user_id: 14708592,
  location_subpremise: null,
  location_street_number: null,
  location_route: null,
  location_sublocality: null,
  location_locality: null,
  location_admin_area_level_1: null,
  location_admin_area_level_2: null,
  location_country: null,
  location_postal_code: null,
  location_formatted_address: null,
  attendees: null,
  participants: null,
  series: null,
  is_recurring: null,
  org_name: null,
  person_name: null,
  deal_title: null,
  lead_title: null,
  owner_name: 'REDACTED',
  person_dropbox_bcc: null,
  deal_dropbox_bcc: null,
  assigned_to_user_id: 14708471,
  type_name: 'Task',
  lead: null