Get the total count of people and organizations

Hey there,

We’re looking for a quick way to reconcile records count as part of a sync with Pipedrive without a full pagination.

For deals there is /api/v1/deals/summary, and it seems that /api/v1/persons/summary and /api/v1/organizations/summary are not accessible from the REST API.

Would it possible to enable access to these endpoints? Alternatively, is there a different way to get the count of people and organizations?


Found the solution in the forum for deals and it works the same way for people and organizations.

Added query parameter ?get_summary=1 to GET /persons and /organizations and now in the response the “additional_data” has a “summary” object with the total count.


Do you know how to get the total records count for “Notes”?, I’m trying the get_summary for this entity and it’s not working.