Get the value of custom fields for an organization

Hello everyone,
I want to get the value of my custom fields for an organization.
In my case it’s the field with the key 0b091decdc6c80799798d602c99ef43f2fbb7fe7.
The problem is that if I try to get the data out of the JSON like this


it doesn’t work, because PHP says that this is not a variable (it starts with a number). I also tried defining a constant for it but it returns NULL.

 "success": true,
 "data": {
   "id": 33745,
   "company_id": 4940670,
   "name": "MYO GmbH",
   "update_time": "2019-04-17 10:08:44",
   "add_time": "2019-04-09 09:16:01",
   "0b091decdc6c80799798d602c99ef43f2fbb7fe7": "13426",
   "817b75ee2972f40b0cb704676779ef716c9077c5": "54397",
 "additional_data": {...}

Ok I managed to solve it.
In case someone has the same problem here’s how I solved it: