Get total records count for Notes

Good morning all! I’m working to collect information about the total record counts for Persons, Activities, Notes, and Organisations. I figured out that for all endpoints GET /persons /deals if I add query parameter get_summary with value 1, it returns the total_count field in the additional_data response object.
Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t work for Notes API (GET /v1/notes) and it doesn’t return this field.
Do you know if there is another approach to get the total count of notes rather than page them?


Hey @Roman_Letsyk
Are you trying to get the total number of notes in the account or is it specific to a particular entity? As you rightly pointed out, the get_summary parameter is not available yet.

Hey, @Hem. You’re right. I’m trying to get the total number of notes in the account.

Thanks for confirming @Roman_Letsyk. At the moment, it is not possible. However I have taken note of this feedback :slight_smile:

Hi @Roman_Letsyk , Did you solved it? I’m having the same problem and don’t figure it out how to get the total records of Notes.

Hey, Byron.

Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, the only thing that we come up with is to paginate all notes on the Pipedrive account.