Getting 500 error for specific user on /personFields

We run on the oauth API and are getting a 500 error repeatedly on this url for a specific user:

The body returns: {“success”:false,“errorCode”:500}

Can I speak to someone about fixing this? I’m not sure how to debug it properly.

You are! :slight_smile: I’ll help you out.

Are you making a POST request?

Can you post a snippet of your code or the parameters you’re sending?

These are GET requests along side the new oauth api. Seems that I can’t reproduce this error on my local dev env. I think it’s happening for just this user. Can I contact you or a teammate in a one on one communication for security sake?

Of course. I’ll send you a private message.

Hi, dani. How you solved this problem?
We getting 500 error too.

method PipedriveClient.Person.Create