Getting all product variants for all deals

I’m looking for an efficient way to retrieve a list of all deals and their products with variations.

I can do the following:

GET /products to get all products
Loop through each, and…
GET /products/{id}/deals

to get the deals for every product. This is very expensive to run.

Is there a more efficient way to get all deals and their products with variations? If not, can the GET /deals endpoint be modified when returning all deals to also include include_product_data as a param, to include product data?

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This is also causing problems with the Stitch integration, as Pipedrive eventually throws a 500 error, I am guessing it is some sort of limit.

Hey @Keegan_Morrison and @martinveo,

Unfortunately I can’t offer an exact solution for what you’re dealing with, but the team behind our Products endpoint suggested searching them out using this method instead (which is slightly more efficient)

  • get deals Deals/getDeals
  • loop through deals and get products attached to a deal Deals/getDealProducts

Thanks @David , that’s the solution I came up after I wrote this post a few years ago. However we have almost 60,000 deals, so you can imagine that this process is very slow. If the get/deals endpoint could accept include_product_data that would be many orders of magnitude more efficient.



Is there any possibility for the Deals endpoint to get an update via this topic? Associate all product identifiers in the deals or something similar? Because just like @Keegan_Morrison says, it’s not very useful to an extent (web requests only accept 30s).