Getting PROVIDER_API_ERROR for messaging app extension

We are trying to integrate the messaging app extension and we always get PROVIDER_API_ERROR when creating the channel.

The channel is created successfully tho. I can call all the endpoints without any issues.

from what I can see in the logs:
"link":"Expected string, but was null",
"role":"Expected one of ["end_user","source_user"] but received "Student".

You need to follow the doc as the types are strict.

We will improve the errors in the future to return some additional info about the error.

I finally got it working, after checking all the types another time.

Is there any way to map a conversation to a person via the API?

Hey, that’s great news! :tada:

I am not following. Can you please explain a little bit deeper?

I would like to connect the conversation to a Person in Pipedrive. Basically automate the manual process right next to the Chat Box “Add to existing Contact”.

Hey, this is not possible at this time.