Getting the Stage, Pipeline Name using the Deals API

Hi all,

I’m struggling with the v1/deals api.

I was using a G-Sheets Add On it to import all data into a sheet. It worked very well on my first API calls.

However, on my subsequent calls, I noticed it started returning e.g. Stage ID, Pipeline ID, which is not useful to me.

For reference, see my 1st screenshot which shows my first API call results. You can recognize the fields returned by the v1/deals call. You can also see the Stage Name and Pipeline Name returned (text value)

Now compare with my 2nd Screenshot, where you’ll see the similar fields but in “data form”, i.e. data.stage_id instead of Stage Name.

Can anyone explain why is it behaving like this? What makes it that I was able to initially retrieve Stage Name, and now I’m only able to retrieve Stage Id?


Hey @Marcelo_Reyes
Welcome to the community :raised_hands:
Thanks for describing this in detail. The get all deals API has other fields mentioned in screenshot 2 by default.
You can find it in the sample payload

Does the add-on let you select and rename the data that is shown in the sheet? It could be a case of misconfiguration on the add-on side that’s causing this