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We’re currently developing a widget for our customers that allows some basic project data to appear in the user interface. In testing, Im seeing that each User seems to need to install the widget individually. Is there a way for an admin User to install/enable the widget globally for all Users within the Organization? Curious if I’m overlooking something obvious, thanks!

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Can I please clarify - when you say widget, do you mean a JSON panel or a custom panel? Or do you mean another type of app extension?

For app extensions, shared visibility is currently available for link app actions and JSON panels. You can read more about the visibility of app extensions here.

I hope this helps answer your question. Please do let us know if you have further questions. :blush:

Hey Nicole, thanks for the response!

Yea, we’re doing a JSON panel. I think we have the visibility portion covered as its able to be seen by everyone on our org. I guess im asking if there is a way to enable(install) it for all users vs having them notified via email and have to do it themselves. Getting a whole sales team to do this seems a bit…daunting…


To clarify, the part of the documentation thats giving me pause is " If the app extensions have shared visibility, non-admin users still need to install the app in order to use any other functionalities of the app besides the app extensions.

Im not sure whats meant by the second part with “any other functionalities of the app besides the app extensions.” Again, we’re just hoping that the panel is something that can be globally enabled/installed by an org admin rather than relying on the individuals.

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Hi @parallaxpete,

Thank you for sharing details and clarification.

For shared visibility, enabling this means that all users in the company will be able to view the JSON panel and its data. They should also be able to access the panel’s link actions if shared visibility has been enabled for link actions. The email that gets sent out is to inform users that an admin has shared an app extension(s) and they are now able to view it.

If users want to edit data for a third-party app within Pipedrive, each user will have to install the app. At the moment, it is not possible for admin users to universally install the app for all users in the same company. They can only share the visibility of link actions and JSON panels.