Handling uninstalls (more details needed)

So a DELETE gets sent to the callback url with some data. I need to know, is this data in form of GET variables or POST? I’m having the issue right now where pipedrive doesn’t uninstall when I uninstall from the app marketplace manager in my PD account.

I think I’m getting something wrong here. Is user_id, company_id and client_id get variables or post variables? Also, does the delete follow redirects?

Hey Clinton,

Properties like user_id/company_id/client_id are sent in the DELETE request body. As it is a DELETE request, there are no GET or POST variables.
Depending on programming language you might need to search how to “read body from delete request” or something similar to this

Just in case if you haven’t seen this already, we also have an article on the uninstallation process: https://pipedrive.readme.io/docs/app-uninstallation

Is there a way to test this? What’s the format of the body data?

Hi :slight_smile:
The parameters are in the body of the request.

If you need to test it you can temporarily change the callback url to an endpoint that allows you to catch the request. For example you could use something like https://requestbin.com/

You will see a response with the parameters described in the link David give you

Sorry for not replying. I tried this and it appears to work perfectly. It would be nice if the docs had explained that it was post data and not json.