Has the statuscode for (soft)deleted organizations changed?

In our integration with PipeDrive, we’ve handled attempts at doing a PUT on a (soft) deleted organization by handling the 400 BadRequest response and retrieving the organization to see if it’s active_flag is false to know if it has been soft-deleted.

  1. I’ve just discovered that these suddenly return 410 Gone instead. Am I misremembering or has this changed?
  2. Also, I have customers who say they’ve deleted organizations and those requests now return 404 Not Found, but I can’t seem to delete organizations that way myself. How do you do that?

Thanks in advance.


I spoke with our developers and they’re not aware of any change to the status codes, but we’ll keep an eye on this and keep investigating.

Okay, this is odd.

On our own organizations, some of our Organizations return 400 Bad Request when trying to update them after they get deleted, but with others it gives 410/404.

Please advise?

Can you provide the details/examples for the different results you’re getting?

(Keep in mind, you may need to contact our support because they might need to look into your specific account to understand why this is happening)

If I do a simple PUT request like this;
“id”: 4845,
“name”: “Some Name”

I get 400 Bad Request with no explanation. If I Restore it, I can do the request. If I delete it again, it fails again. Any ideas?

I don’t understand @EmilBM, you should be receiving 400 Bad Request if the Organization is deleted. For examples where you receive a different error, those are the anomalies.

Not according to this: https://pipedrive.readme.io/docs/core-api-concepts-http-status-codes

And I’m also able to get 410 status codes by deleting in the same manner on a different account.

I can see that if I add active_flag like this:
“id”: 4845,
“name”: “Some Name”,
“active_flag”: false

I can get it to return 410. Whats the logic? The reason here is that whenever I try to put on a pipedrive item that has been deleted, I´ll get 400 Bad Request and will have to do a get request to check its active_flag state to see if its deleted or my request is bad. Thats pretty silly.