HELP to preparing proposals with a multi level price based on atribute (solucio dropdown)

We are looking for a better and more complex solution to work with products and pricing and since we work with our clients with Pipedrive, there are a few of them that need a better implementation of this. Let me give you one example.

One client, a vinery has a product matrix of 100 x 15 x 3 x 10 = 45000 products, where the user does not know which product he needs, but IDEALLY with a dropdown menu to select some of the attributes to get a price instead to wondering what is the right product he needs to choose, it would be totally more easily.

We know we can prepare a plain 45000 pricing list with all the attributes, but this is not ideal since the user won’t know what product to choose. The user that prepares the proposal needs to select:

  • Base wine (out of 100 types)
  • Sticker (15 types)
  • Destination market : America, Europe, Asia (3 markets), with the additional complexity that each one is choose with a different currency in Pipedrive.
  • Year of production (10 years from the past up to now, so the prices change every year)

So, the questions we have:

1.- Is there any commercial integration or product available in the Pipedrive market place that can work with dropdown menus?

2.- If not, in the case that we code an integration (we code for Pipedrive for our clients!) and let the user open a web tab to deal with a dropdown menu, is it possible to select some attributes of the product and then send one by one or all at once to the deal using API or something inside the Pipedrive structure?

3.- Since a Pipedrive account is set with one currency, how can Pipedrive allows to “see” all different products we can add to a deal in different currencies? If your Pipedrive account is set to work with currency 1 and you add a product in currency 1, you are able to see it, but as soon as you add a product in currency 2 that product looks with a “0”, got it?