Help Tracking lead booster conversion (G. analytics & tag manager)

Hi Folks,

We’re are trying to use lead booster chat as the solution for conversation on website.
However we are not being able to track conversations.
We need to track conversion after the visitor sending/answering some message or finishing the conversation.

The chat works perfectly, but without tracking conversions we are not able to measure marketing performance.

Anyone found any solution ? Any provider who could support us ?

Hi @vsiqueira
Thanks for being patient and for sharing the use case. Do you have specific actions / events in mind that you would want to track?


I have documented a step-by-step process to get the events for (manually) open, close & conversation ended (lead!) in Google Analytics 4.

With the included script you will be able to track events as conversions in both Google Analytics & Google Ads.

Let me know if this works for you as well


Thank you for providing this solution. Unfortunately, there is no way to track events such as open chat, chat closed, or lead conversion.

The second step would be to configure those 3 events as conversions in Google Ads.
Let me know your thoughts