Help with custom Pipedrive Importer

Hi all,

I am looking for a developer that can help with a custom app I am trying to build to scrape and enrich contact data the import this into Pipedrive.

Web, Python, and experience with Pipedrive’s API are a must here.

Hi @Growth_Lobster_Consulting

I can help

It would be great if we have a discussion over Skype : cis.am3 or email me more detaills at



I developed for myself a workflow where I scrap data from LinkedIn using a custom chrome extension that launches Phantombuster and then injects that info onto Pipedrive. Let me know if I can help. Cheers.

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Hey Konrad,

Sorry for the delay on responding to this, with everything being so crazy it’s taken me a minute to get back to this project.

So something like this is what I am looking for but in a more scaled out version as the front end UI will need to be able to read our Pipedrive instance to prevent duplicates.

Please take a look at the attached diagrams and let me know what you think.

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Thank you for getting back to me.

Can you tell me what is the trigger ? Is it when you enter an url (on a custom/developed website) ? Or when you visit a page and you click on a (chrome) extension for example ?

What information does this trigger scrap? Looking at your example, you’re taking contact details from websites like Yelp -> validate with service objects -> check pipedrive to insert or update. Is that correct ?



Hey Konrad,

Yes this flow is correct:

Yelp -> validate with service objects -> check pipedrive to insert or update.

And my thoughts were we can validate against phone number instead of a URL. So you copy and paste the phone number in a search bar on a developed site and it let’s you know if that number is a duplicate of another Pipedrive record (returns a simple string response) and if it is not, the user can click “enrich” which sends it to Service Options to gather more data or Import which places it in Pipedrive.

I will send you an email, we should probably set up a time to speak!

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Yes, a call is a good idea. Looking forward talking to you.