Help with default colors (they are washed out now)

Hi all
I love pipedrive and recently on my macbook pro the colors for won and lost deals have been muted. They used to be a vibrant green and vibrant red and they still are on my iphone and ipad. Ive changed cookies on chrome browser, changed color profile, logged out of chrome and pipedrive and even tried it on safari all to no avail.
Can anyone tell me how to get my colors back to the original colors? thanks Im attaching a screenshot showing the add new deal button is still vibrant green but rotting deals and won deals are muted versions of their originals

Hi Michael,
Happy to hear you love Pipedrive.

Nothing wrong on your side, this is just the new pipeline view.

If you want to leave feedback or ask something you can contact support directly

Oh, its horrible! why did they change it from the vibrant colors? on my iphone and ipad its the same old vibrant colors, these are so muted they are almost invisible…