How can I return data to webhook?

Hello, I am new to pipedrive and I want to integrate it with my back office react application.

So far, all I need is to create the organization and person server side, for this I have listed the following events:

  • updated.person
  • updated.organization

I also need to be able to return a 6 digit code to pipedrive UI when a move from athe pipe Code envoyé, and display it somewhere next to the person or the organization.

How is this possible?

Hi @kopax

Just in case, here is a guide to how to use Webohooks in Pipedrive, but based on listed events I assume you already configured it.

If you want to update some data in Pipedrive when some event happens, either by some logic in Webhook handler or by human action in your backoffice, I would recommend to check public Pipedrive API

If there is a need in having some data shown in person/organization details view, you could create a private app with a panel that could show some data once installed and activated, more about it here

I hope some of these resources would help you to find the right tool, and if there are some questions do not hesitate to ask.

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