How do I get the params of openapi

How do I get the params of openapi, such as /v1/leads
The type of ‘value’ and ‘label_ids’ is an object, but I don’t know what the parameters in the object should be.

Hello @z_z , welcome to the community!

In the same page, you can scroll down a bit to see a response example. You can expand objects there by clicking the three dots, until you can check an example of what comes inside the value object:

label_ids is an array if ids in uuid format.

I understand that if I encounter an object type in the request body, I can look for the fields contained in the specific object in the response body. is that so?

It would surely help if this kind of information was already in the field description. :thinking:
It may be added in the future, but for now checking the response should give a hint, at least for this one.